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Therapeutic Massage

Our signature "Vacation in an Hour" massage, enhanced by hot stone therapy, melts away stress and unlocks tension. Smooth warm stones glide over the skin, for a unique, comforting form of relaxation.

The benefits of therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage is a way to "treat" your body and mind as an alternative to pain medication. Getting a massage is a safe way to help manage certain types of pain, and a relaxing massage is a good way to relieve some of the effects that stress can bring on.


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Massage, whether vigorous or gentle, helps to loosen tight muscles, relax both mind and body, and releases endorphins, which are your body's natural pain reliever. This release, when combined with drinking plenty of water, flushes your system of the toxins that tend to make us feel sluggish and painful, and begins a renewing process in a natural way. Regular massages improves your body's resisitance to colds, increases circulation and gives you a general sense of well being.